Premium Meats & Cuts
Premium Meats & Cuts

Attika Meat Voudouris – Konstas S.A. supplies you with premium meat and cuts at unrivalled prices, ensuring impeccable service, consistency, and reliability.

Σουτζουκάκι νωπό

Attika Meat Voudouris – Konstas S.A., a pioneer in the meat industry since 1971, offers wholesalers a unique selection of premium quality meat and cuts, capable of satisfying even the most demanding gourmets.

In our selection you will find:

  • Black Angus: Beef from the breed of the same name, known for its incomparable taste, tenderness and rich marbling
  • Kobe Beef: The legendary Japanese beef, renowned for its unrivalled texture, rich flavour and unique marbling
  • Premium Italian Beef: Selected cuts of Italian-bred calves, raised using traditional methods, offering high quality and flavourful tenderness

Why choose Attika Meat’s premium quality meats:

  • Guaranteed quality: We cooperate with selected farms and livestock units from the United States, Argentina and Uruguay, ensuring excellent quality and traceability of products.
  • Variety: We offer a wide range of premium cuts, suitable for every occasion and taste
  • Consistency: We ensure consistent quality and excellent customer service, aiming to establish long-term, trusting relationships with our partners
  • Expertise: Our team of experts is available to offer you tailor-made solutions and advice, addressing your every need.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We offer flexible solutions regarding quantities, catering to the needs of each and every business. Our dedicated customer service department is ready to assist you and offer you solutions tailored to your requirements.